Storytelling in English L2

Welcome to the webpage of  the project Storytelling in English L2 for young learners and adolescents in informal contexts of acquisition: innovative and inclusive approaches for local library networks (SEL2). The main objective of the research project is identifying best practices to help children and students from Nursery, Primary and Middle school in their approach to English through narration used informally in school and extra-school contexts.

The partner of the project is the Municipal Library ‘Vincenzo Joppi’. The Children’s section of the Udine Main Municipal Library is a cultural institution with long experience in the promotion of reading for children from a very early age. Thanks to the collaboration with the library we organize storytelling events in English L2 for children and the students of Primary Education are our volunteer storytellers.

Presentation of the project SEL2

14th May 2019, Palazzo Antonini - DILL-UniUd



Thanks to the contribution of many volunteer storytellers (teachers and student teachers) we collected in this web page read aloud and storytelling videos inspired to picture books for children and some related activities. To face the unprecedented situation of the lockdown of schools and libraries in Spring 2020, we decided to offer children and their families stories in English L2: it is our way to reach them at home.

This section is reated to the book Let's Tell a Tale (Section 3). Here you will find the audio files of the storytelling sessions uploaded by the volunteer narrators of the Let's Tell a Tale 2018/2019 edition. There are also the pictures and some videos of the activities carried out during the storytelling sessions and the workshops at the libraries.  

A brief online course for all those who are interested in the use of storytelling in English L2 with children.

Pubblications related to storytelling for and with children.

Websites and online resources for storytelling.