Telling And Listening to Ecosustainable Stories

TALES is part of the PhD research project:

"Weaving English around narrative frameworks of children's picturebooks: theoretical and practical approaches for the use of picturebooks in English as a foreign/second language"

The research project is aimed at identifying and analyzing contexts and practices for the use of storytelling to promote active citizenship education, environmental awareness and multimodal communication.

TALES is a project based on the collaboration between the Department of Languages ​​and Literatures, Communication, Education and Social Studies of the University of Udine (DILL) and cultural associations and institutions.
The partnership between the University Department and institutions such as museums, libraries and natural parks is aimed to promote eco-sustainable communication among new generations through research and dissemination activities.

Activities and initiatives:

As part of the project, initiatives are organized for groups of children from kindergarten to upper secondary school. Training activities are planned for in-service teachers, future teachers, educators, parents and staff who work within cultural institutions.
The initiatives and the activities of the project TALES are aimed at promoting citizenship education through storytelling in English FL/L2 among student teachers and students of nursery, primary and secondary schools.
Through the art of storytelling and through multimodal and multisensory activities, TALES promotes the exploration of the environment, the observation of nature and the reflection on the importance of being custodians of our land.
Fiction and non-fiction picturebooks are powerful resources that teachers, educators and librarians can use during story-time sessions to offer new perspectives on nature and new experiences with the environment.
English as a foreign/second language offers a new perspective on environmental issues emphasizing their global relevance.

All events will be published on the page initiatives.

The initiatives and the activities addressed to student teachers, in-service teachers, children and students will be context of observation and data gathering of the project.