Books for Storytellers and for Storytelling

Books and handbooks for narrators:

In this page we selected only some of the numerous books that can give you practical advice and suggestions. This list contains some inspirational and useful volumes that will be good friends in any storytelling adventure (See section Toolbox for Storytellers).

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Picture books for storytelling sessions

Picture Books are effective tools for storytelling in English L2, in this kind of books illustrations are as important as words in telling the story.

Here you can find the picture books we selected for Let's Tell a Tale 2018/2019 initiative.

In our storytelling events we used also a particular kind of picture books, they are called Silent Books. These books have no written words, the story is told by the images. They are powerful tools for language teaching and learning.

Enjoy this video about the power of the silent book L'Albero by Iela Mari.

Here you can find a selection of  Silent Books about animals, nature and eco sustainability.