About us

We are…
… teachers and teacher trainers of English as a foreign or second language for the courses for primary and nursery school teachers. We belong to the Department of Languages, Literatures, Communication, Education and Social Studies and we wish to improve our teacher training courses by collaborating with trainee teachers and teachers in schools.
…primary and nursery school teachers who wish to collaborate among ourselves and with the university to improve the courses of English offered to young learners..
… trainee students who are learning to teach English as a foreign or second language to children.
Here are the names of our initial group: Maria Bortoluzzi, Mityana Vaccaro, Silvia Barbari, Elena Biasioli, Erica Cimarosti, Giulia Del Zotto, Leyla Sanjakdar, Elisa Sbrizzai and Angelo Verilli.
Teacher trainer Stefania Ballotto has joined us and contributed to YELL over the years.

Alessandro Romanin helped us with his friendly and professional support.

Thanks to our website administrator Elisa Bertoldi

Maria Bortoluzzi and Elisa Bertoldi are the website managers.

If you want to contact us, please, write a message using the YELL email address: yell@uniud.it


Many thanks to

Prof. Antonella Riem Natale for her support, encouragement and help throughout.