Welcome to the webpage of  the project Storytelling in English L2 for young learners and adolescents in informal contexts of acquisition: innovative and inclusive approaches for local library networks (SEL2), starts. The main objective of the research project is identifying best practices to help students from Nursery, Primary and Middle school in their approach to English through narration used informally in school and extra-school contexts.

The partner of the project is the Municipal Library ‘Vincenzo Joppi’: the Children’s section of the Udine Main Municipal Library is a cultural institution with experience of excellence in the promotion of reading for children from a very early age. Thanks to the collaboration with the library we organize storytelling events in English L2 for children and the students of Primary Education are our volunteer storytellers.

In the section Resources-Let’s Tell a Tale you will find audio files, pictures and videos of the storytelling sessions in the libraries.


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The project uses the Storytelling group (within the online professional community YELL) to share digital resources, tools and applications, good practices, guidelines, research materials about narration for English L2 to promote communicative skills for children and adolescents in informal situations.

Click to access the YELL online community on LearnWeb platform.

Workshops on storytelling strategies and methodologies for English L2 are organized as part of the project and its schedule is and will be visible in the Initiatives section. They will be free for librarians, library collaborators, teachers and educators / educators, families.

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