Life-long Learning

Let’s keep on learning and being in touch with new ideas: read these journals for teachers and teacher trainers. Some are easily downloadable for free online and others can be found in our University libraries (Udine in Via Petracco and in via Margreth).

CLELE Journal

Children’s Literature in English Language Education – CLELEjournal is a new, bi-annual, comprehensively peer-reviewed online journal for scholars, teacher educators and practitioners involved in using and researching children’s literature in the field of English learning as a second, additional or foreign language. The journal investigates children’s literature as an art form, and as a framework with which to connect L2 literature teaching across the school years. The scope covers the affordances of children’s literature for L2 acquisition with pre-school infants through to young adults.

English Teaching Professional Magazine is a magazine rich with ideas, resources and useful information for teachers.

The Journal of Language Teaching and Research is a journal for teachers and trainers.

Humanising Language Teaching is a journal free online for teachers and trainers. You can subscribe for free and get the alert  when the new issue comes out. There is always a section for teachers of young learners. The editors are the famous teacher-training group Pilgrims. Our teacher Stefania Ballotto is part of the Pilgrims team training teachers around the world!

Le Simplegadi is an online academic journal in modern languages and literatures. You can explore and download it for free.

Slate is an online news magazine

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